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Who is Barrett Brown?

Barrett C. Brown is co-Director of the Integral Sustainability Center and the Integral International Development Center at Integral University. He is currently researching how to improve the practice of sustainable development by using an integral framework to implement initiatives to the developmental levels of all stakeholders and systems. Barrett serves as a ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) consultant for Peakinsight, and is an international advisory board member of the Shift Foundation, IntegralCity.com, and Kosmos—a journal for the United Nations community. He has been a driving force behind using a whole systems design, community-driven development and sustainability technologies to redesign refugee camps as environmentally and culturally sustainable settlements. Barrett previously served as the international development director for The Sustainable Village, an organization dedicated to design, engineering and supply for renewable energy and appropriate technology projects in developing countries. Tri-lingual and working throughout the US, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia, Barrett has helped define and launch seven other sustainability organizations. Barrett has delivered numerous training seminars and presentations to audiences as large as 800 people, including speeches at the School for International Training, United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa, and the Spiral Dynamics Integral Conference on Natural Design. Barrett is currently working towards a doctorate in Human and Organizational Systems at Fielding Graduate University. He is also a stilt performer, an avid hiker, and plays the Native American flute.

Barrett has appeared on Integral Naked:

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