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Who is Haydn Anthony?

Great Hearts Afire Foundation

Haydn first began painting as an experiment to illustrate her experience of Synesthesia - an occurrence where sound is perceived as visual images. This artwork was exhibited in museums and galleries throughout Asia. Having finished her experiment by completing several large canvases, she thought she was finished with painting until a life changing event happened three years later.

This event came upon her without knowledge, preparation or understanding. It was a spontaneous occurrence she calls “Falling into the All and Nothing.” She describes this event and the surrounding circumstances on her website www.haydnanthony.com. This event and the experience of ‘I AM THAT WHICH IS BEFORE and AFTER ALL THINGS‘ formed a permanent imprint for Haydn and has informed her life and work since.

Shortly after the event happened, brilliant archetypal visions began appearing within her inner field of vision. Many of these images appeared but she painted only a few. Even though the visions were detailed and clear there was no accurate way, she has said, to capture on canvas the beauty, essence and knowledge that emerged through them.

The internal visual/ figurative Archetype images eventually changed form to reveal endless arrays of Geometric and Spiral patterns. These patterns, along with high frequency color, have been used as a language to attempt to speak of that which cannot be spoken.
Haydn has created humanitarian projects throughout the years, the latest being a Memorial design for the World Trade Center and the building of an orphanage in Uganda.

All her art, words and projects are informed by what Haydn calls “Conscious Brightness.” This is an orientation where conscious realization of “I Am That” and ordinary consciousness operate as one and the same movement.

The artist‘s work is in both corporate and private collections and has been shown in museums and galleries in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Japan, Okinawa, Taiwan, India, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, and the United States. Haydn lives in Phoenix, Arizona and Honolulu. She is the founder of the Great Hearts Afire Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to create humanitarian projects.

Haydn has appeared on Integral Naked:

Conscious Brightness11/5/2007

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