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Who is J BH Mareydt?

Little is actually known about the artist, Jason Bernard-Hamer Mareydt.  What has been, and is being said of his life and times, are accounts and legend of his activities.  All of which are at best spirited tales—myths really, of those whose say they had known him.  These stories, while being fancifully intricate, and highly intriguing, are rather inconsistent and completely unverifiable.

What is for sure and in no doubt, is the vast collection of paintings, drawings, sketchbooks and a single journal that he has left behind.  The dates and time periods of these artworks are in question, due to the fact that he worked in near absolute seclusion.  With the evidence at hand, it can be said with a certain degree of certainty, that the artworks were created between 1978 and 2007, the years of his birth and disappearance.

From his personal entries we can surmise that he was born and 'educated' in Michigan, USA, lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for some time, and returned to the Detroit area, where he was last seen. The majority of his time was spent in research, development and learning of the vast array of spiritual and wisdom traditions in a continual quest and unfolding  of consciousness. His artworks mainly focused on these issues, and of "The Great-Interlocking Order."

In accordance with his last known correspondence to his lawyer and trusted friend, an estate was set up in his name, to carry out a detailed and lengthy plan to release certain artworks and other actions/ projects at designated times, as certain criteria are met by society at large, or as specific flash points take place in the historical record.

At this time, it is our  greatest pleasure to release these artworks as directed, for your pleasure and as well as the hopeful benefit, of mankind etc.

 In Humble Service,

JBHMareydt Estate of the Art

Based on protocols there,  are specific Prints available of selected artworks.
Please send any and all inquiries to;  aumworker@yahoo.com

J BH has appeared on Integral Naked:

Homemade Event Horizons3/3/2008
Future Cultural Cliche2/4/2008

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