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Who is Peter McNab?

The usual procedure here is for me to write my own profile in the third person as though someone else had produced it. As you know that I am writing it, I thought that I would just tell you a bit about myself, and what I have been up to since I founded efa in 1993.

I spent many years working with adolescents as a teacher and then later as a social worker. I combined these two professions when I returned to the north west of England and started training social workers in 1989. That same year I discovered NLP. I knew that it was something that I wanted to follow seriously and within a few years I had trained with Joseph O‘Connor and John Seymour in Bristol, Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein in Santa Cruz, assisted Connirae Andreas in London, was training for John Seymour Associates and was co-ordinating NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Trainings and NLP Trainer Trainings in Colorado.

In 1993 I decided to set up my own company and excellenceforall was formed. It was exciting in those heady days as the only NLP trainings were held in London and Bristol, and we introduced NLP into the north west of England. At the same time I was getting invitations from all over the planet to run NLP and NLP-related trainings. I have now trained on four continents in over twenty countries – from Manchester to Malibu, from Sheffield to Stockholm, from Romania to Riyadh, from Cape Town to Copenhagen, from Abu Dhabi to Abha, from Dublin to Dubai, from Glasgow to Gothenburg, from Brussels to Budapest.

I managed to pick up some qualifications on the way:

  • NLP Master Practitioner (Robert Dilts)
  • NLP Trainer (one of the only four worldwide to be personally certified by Connirae and Steve Andreas)
  • Certified Core Transformation (only person outside the US to be personally certified by Connirae Andreas)
  • INLPTA NLP Trainer
  • INLPTA Master Trainer

At excellenceforall we have been dedicated to our own personal growth and development as well as our participants‘, and so I have been developing in other ways too:

  • Becoming qualified as a MBTI (Myers-Briggs) Practitioner
  • Becoming qualified as a Spiral Dynamics (SD1 & SD2) Practitioner
  • Studying the Enneagram and now an Enneagram Trainer
  • Invited by Ken Wilber to become a Founder Member of the Integral Institute (Medicine Branch)
  • Studying with Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute (Integral Leadership & Integral Organisational Leadership)
  • Working on the Integral Institute Trainer Pathway

In among this I managed to produce an audio CD, “Enriching Relationships”, to develop the NLP Practitioner Cards, and write a book, “Towards An Integral Vision: Using NLP & Ken Wilber‘s AQAL Model To Enhance Communication”.

I am currently working on two other books (on The Enneagram & Quadronics) and a screenplay, and I am about to embark on a Doctorate in Business Administration.

Peter has appeared on Integral Naked:

An Integral Approach to NLP. Part 1: Modeling Integrity6/10/2009

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