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Who is Marc Gafni?

Dr. Marc Gafni is the author of five published books with three more forthcoming, including the National Best Seller Soul Prints and Mystery of Love. Soul Prints won the Napra Award for the best Spirituality Book of 2001. It was a main selection for the One Spirit Book Club, the basis of a National PBS special, the Amazon.com best book of 2001 in the Jewish Thought category and starred review in Publishers Weekly. Soul Prints was also made into an audio series by Sound True Recordings. Soul Prints is published by Simon and Schuster.

Marc Gafni's second major English language book, also published by Simon and Schuster, The Mystery of Love talks of the profound relationship between the Erotic and the Holy. Mystery of Love met with much critical acclaim and was an audio lecture series called The Erotic and the Holy published by Sounds True.

Dr. Marc’s other books in Hebrew include Reclaiming Uncertainty as a Spiritual Value, Re-defining Certainty from “It is True” to “I am True”; he is a co-author of Lillith: Re-Reading Feminine Shadow and has two major academic volumes forthcoming entitled, Nondual Humanism and the Unique Self: The Dialectical Theology of Mordechai Lainer of Izbica, as well as The Dance of Tears: A Integral Re-Reading of Hebrew Ritual. At the same time he is preparing a series of new books titled respectively Enlightenment Incorrect, Unique Self, Wounds of Love, Spiritually Incorrect, Love Incorrect, and Sexually Incorrect.

Marc Gafni has created and run leading edge spiritual contexts from seminars, to teachings, to communities his entire life. His last spiritual experiment was his co-leadership in the fostering of a Jewish Renewal movement in Israel.

Marc is a fellow and co-director with Sally Kempton and Diane Hamilton of the Integral Life Spiritual Center. The center is an activist project of Integral Life and iEvolve with three core missions. The first; speaking out and taking action against horrific human rights abuses with particular focus on Human Trafficking and Genocide; the second; Engaging the leading edge of thought and practice in charting the next steps of spirituality and religion in the next millennium; the third sharing the good news of a trans-lineage Integral Spirituality with national and global institutions and leaders in the diverse business, politics, spirit culture and the arts. 

Marc Gafni is a Co-founder and teacher in residence with Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei, Sally Kempton, formerly known as Swami Durgananda, and Sofia Diaz at iEvolve: Global Practice Community. iEvolve is an International spiritual movement and community committed to the evolution of spirit.  iEvolve is dedicated to spiritual and social activism, and to the development and sharing of a language of spirit and love, which might positively in-form the future of our planet.  

One of the projects of iEvolve and Incorrect Inc. is the producing a Great Library of Books on the human spirit with real implications for creating a better world for all of our children and grandchildren. The books, coordinated with public sharing and teachings, as well as television and movie projects, will be rooted in the principles of Evolutionary Kabala in particular and Evolutionary Spirituality in general. The books will be universal in scope and audience even as they emerge from the matrix of the sacred texts which in-formed Marc’s evolution as well as his sacred autobiography. His self-description; “A person making mistakes in the right direction”.

Marc has also, like many teachers and public figures, been the subject of false attacks on Internet hate sites, and in other forums. He is currently writing a series of books on the complex and often tragic role of the Internet, as it interfaces with masculine and feminine shadow in the public square. At the same time, Marc, like every authentic teacher, has sought to evolve through his mistakes and to transform suffering into love. For more on Dr. Marc Gafni please visit  his extensive website at www.marcgafni.com

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